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Dancing with my dad...
One of those small but essential moments.

I am Margaret McDonnell, a professional eulogy writer, former English teacher, and mom to an adorable Shih Tzu named Finn. My fondness for writing eulogies has fulfilled my belief that gifts should always be shared. I am here to share my gift with you as you navigate through the fragile aftermath of loss. 

I wrote my first eulogy when I lost my father to cancer twenty-three years ago. Since then, I've been the one called upon to write eulogies for family or close friends who pass away. Influenced by the intimacy of this art form, I decided to offer my gift to others as they experience the terrible sadness that comes with losing someone dear. My own history of loss has formed my understanding and given me cause to help others in this way. 

I love being a eulogy writer and find it especially rewarding to listen to family members as they recall the moments shared with their loved one. I listen to how the life unfolded and wait for those unassuming moments that capture the essence of the person.

In addition to being a eulogy writer, I continue to teach through tutoring English and writing. With a bachelor's degree in creative writing, a master's degree in education, and seventeen years of teaching experience, I continue to cultivate young writers and inspire them to foster a love for the written word. 

Even as a teacher, my passion had always been in storytelling. There is no better way to fulfill this passion than through telling the stories of real people. Every life, whether short or long, is worthy of being told.


When I'm not writing, I'm reading my latest book club pick, working on a jigsaw puzzle, cooking, or going on a long walk. I love getting together with family to share California wine and a good meal.


I look forward to creating something beautiful for you!

- Margaret

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