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Professional Eulogy Writing Service

As a professional eulogy writer, I am here to assist you in composing a eulogy when the capability, time, or emotions stand in the way. I will alleviate the stress and help you to articulate a lifetime of memories through beautiful words. I have the talent, passion, and time to arrange a narrative that is eloquent and inspiring. 

The Process is Simple...

Step 1: The Conversation

Whether you'd like to speak to me by phone or simply submit a form, the most important way to get started is to gather information about the person you are honoring. I will ask you to provide a brief account of the person’s life as well as impactful memories that you feel should be included in the narrative. 


I’d like to know about the person’s character and how he/she affected you or others. Speaking intimately will allow me to gather specific details and insights about your loved one or friend, allowing me to get a better sense of the overall voice you wish to convey.  

Step 2: The Composition

Within 24 hours, I will transform our conversation or the information provided on the form into a narrative that captures the life and essence of your loved one or friend. I will create the perfect picture by revealing outstanding characteristics, personal recollections, and lessons learned.


Ultimately, this composition will be unique to the life being honored and reflective of your individual voice.    

Step 3: The Follow Up

Once I email you a draft of the eulogy, you will have the opportunity to provide me with your thoughts. By phone or email, revisions will be discussed.

Step 4: The Reward

Finally, you will receive a polished eulogy that specifically honors your loved one or friend.

Get Started

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