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Grieving after Loss of Spouse

torn heart

With the arrival of February comes the quintessential celebration of love and romance...Valentine's Day.

As cupid readies his arrow to stir up relationships of the heart, it's easy to get caught up in the commercial aspect of the holiday. Rose petal wreaths adorn the front doors of neighborhood homes while pink and red packages containing foiled chocolates and heart shaped sugary sweets fill the shelves of local grocery stores. No one can deny the excitement that comes with exchanging cards that solidify one's commitment to love.

This celebration is great if you're one of the fortunate ones on the receiving end of romance. If, however, you're anticipating this day with trepidation because it rekindles the unbearable hurt of a recent loss, then it's important to seek refuge in the knowledge that you're not alone. Losing a partner due to illness or sudden death is an indescribable grief that many are forced to face this time of year.

Read the following article to identify your feelings and learn helpful steps toward healing while grieving after the loss of your spouse. You'll come to realize that it's possible to grow even amid grief.

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