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I don't know the path that brought you here, but wherever you are in this journey of grief and loss, I'm here to help.  

Eulogy Writing Service to Celebrate Your Loved One


My name is Margaret, and I'm a professional eulogy writer. I'm here to help you celebrate your loved one as you honor their memory with a meaningful, memorable that you will be proud to speak at the funeral, and perhaps even print, distribute to family as a keepsake, and put in your memorial scrapbook.

As a former English and writing teacher, I inspired others to have a love for writing. My own passion for this creative expression has always been evident in my teaching but also in instances when I've written eulogies for loved ones who passed away in my own life.  

In doing so, I realized that writing in such an honorable way provides me with a unique and fulfilling opportunity.  For such an occasion, I reflect upon a life that may once have been ordinary and raise it to a level above.

I can think of no greater honor than painting a life with words while conveying the impact that such a life had on others. Learn more about me here. 

What is a Eulogy?

A eulogy is an eloquent piece of writing that exists as a treasured document reflecting the life of a loved one recently deceased.  It can be the most memorable part of a funeral, giving someone the chance to share a person’s entire life in order to paint the final picture. 


Recalling memories and suggesting ways in which the person touched the lives of others will leave listeners with something to remember.  While this is a significant task, it is often difficult to accomplish in a short amount of time when emotions limit clarity and focus.  In Tribute Eulogy Services is here to eliminate some of the burden. 

If you're wondering what goes into a eulogy, click here to access a eulogy outline to help you.  

Why hire a professional eulogy writer?

You'll receive a high-quality eulogy

You might be reluctant to write because writing just isn't your thing. Maybe you spend your days computing numbers as an accountant or taking care of patients as a nurse. If creative writing has never been a priority for you, your ability to produce an engaging speech may have you worried. The memories are there, but you need help putting them together to produce something noteworthy.

You won't have to struggle to write through the tears

You might be battling with the emotional effects that come with losing someone close to you. Putting the emotions aside to articulate your feelings in a meaningful way is difficult. You might find yourself existing in a sort of fog that keeps you from thinking clearly, so you need help focusing on what you'd like to say. 

You'll find peace of mind amid the chaos

You might be responsible for taking care of other funeral arrangements in a short amount of time, making it impossible to compose something on your own. You don't want your speech to be rushed, so you could use the help of someone who can produce something special in a focused and timely manner. 

How does this work? 

  • A convenient online form/questionnaire is available for you to fill out and submit.

  • If you prefer to have a conversation with me, you can call me directly or email me your phone number, and I will call you promptly. There will be an additional fee for this method. 

  • I provide flexible, open communication, and quick responses. 

  • I compose a completely original eulogy, in your voice.

  • Within 24 hours, I send you a draft of the eulogy for review.

  • We follow up by phone or email regarding any necessary changes.

Read more about the process here.

How much does the eulogy cost?

  • $450 for 1,000+ words if requesting an hour-long phone conversation/interview.

  • All revisions, within reason, are included in these prices.  

Need an obituary?

Upon request, I will include an obituary free of charge with the purchase of a eulogy. If, however, you need only an obituary, I can help you with that too.  

All obituaries include a Memorial Page and a link for family and friends to easily view obituary, access service information, and share condolences/memories. Click here for a sample. 

Eulogy $350/$450 + free obituary 

Obituary alone $100 


A writer for hire will eliminate the burden...


A few simple steps will give you peace of mind...

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Eulogy Samples

When hiring a eulogy writer, it is always important to review their work before committing to anything. Here are some samples of the eulogies I've written for others:

Sample Eulogy for a Grandmother

One recent memory that I have of Mamama was when I asked her to accompany me to a party. I was always looking for any opportunity to show her off. When I finally convinced her to come along, she responded, "Oh, I guess I'll wear my champagne clothes." 

Even in her most advanced years, she was willing to party so long as she could do it in style, wearing designer clothes, donning posh accessories, and displaying a tall glass of champagne in her hand.  Read more here

Sample Eulogy for a Mother

Born at the start of the Great Depression in the small coal mining town of Scranton, Pennsylvania, my mother entered a loving family as the second of four kids. At the age of eight, she endured the heartache of losing her own mother in a way that was sudden and at a time when the cares of a child should be free of worry and loss. Read more here

Let's get started

I'm looking forward to learning about your loved one and helping you to create a beautiful tribute with a professionally written eulogy that is not only convenient but uniquely personal, leaving you with a lasting memento to share with family and friends. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. 

Contact Me

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Interested in having a book written about your loved one's life story?

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